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Lord Jesus Be Blessed! today with God's ability I have brought you a great song of praise called Songa Mbele from the famous singer of the famous worship songs by the name Alphee

 This is one of the most exclusive anointing songs in worship of the God through whom our Lord Jesus Christ has given strength to this servant who through this song has been seen in the unique presence of God glorifying the name of Jesus Christ and reminding us of our souls too. our life is in the hands of our Lord Jesus and this is his special message he sent for us;

 "Thanks to Jesus for His grace in giving us a great time to hear this song, we have been exalted, lifted up, healed through this song, when you listen to it then the power of God is warming the beloved in the Lord. Psalm 143: 10 Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God; Let your good spirit guide me to the same country. "

I invite you to listen and download this song that I am sure you will go to bless you in other standards of worshiping and praising GOD. Welcome !!

I do not want to bore my powerful stakeholders I want to bring them good thing every day, support and advice are a good thing from you.Today's a special song for you

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