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Lyrics:Joyous Celebration Ngiyavuma Live

Umoya wam uyavuma
(My soul says yes)
Uthi yebo nkosi
(Yes to the Lord)
Yebo kuwena mninimandla wonke
(Yes to You Lord Almighty)
Ngiyavuma ukusebenziswa nguwe
(I say yes, you can use me)
Kuze libatshazw' igama lakho
(so that your name is known)

Injongo yami kukukhonza wena wedwa
(my only purpose is to worship you alone)
Nokuzinikelela njengomhlatshelo
(and give my self to you as a sacrifice)
Ukusebenziswa ngokuthanda kuwe
(use me the way you want to)
Baba ngiyavuma
(Lord I say yes)

(I say yes)
(I say yes)
(I say yes)
Baba ngiyavuma
(Lord I say yes)

SINGER: @kholiweganca

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