07 November
Israel Mbonyi-Nita Amini

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I will believe

Verse :
Now I swear I don't believe in any gods
I will not defile myself, the food of the kingdom
And I will not sell the inheritance of salvation, modern luxuries
I'm sure you can, you can heal me,
Even if you don't heal me, I will not worship idols

I understand water and fire I will pass, In the shadow of death
I have you I will never be afraid
My God holds my hand, They calm my heart,
I have no doubt that they carry me on their backs
You can send the word of life, change everything
Don't even do any of that
I will still believe

Verse :
It's not the first time I've been taken out of trouble
It has more than one testimony, We are faithful
It has a special history, We are the fountain of life.

Outro :
I will believe, I will still believe
If you heal me I will believe, Even if you don't heal me I will still believe
If you answer me I will believe, Even if you don't answer me I will still believe
If you change I will believe, Even if you don't change I will still believe
In the shadow of death I will still believe
I have a testimony, you are faithful

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