AUDIO | Emmy MUHAWENAYO-Nzarama | Download Gospel Song


AUDIO | Emmy MUHAWENAYO-Nzarama | Download Gospel Song

I do not want to bore my powerful stakeholders I want to bring them good thing every day, support and advice are a good thing from you.Today's a special song for you of GOSPEL AUDIO

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Iyaba uwiteka atariwe waruri muruhande rwacu 

(If the Lord had not been on our side) 

Ubwo ababisha baduhagurikiraga  

(When the enemies were against us) 

Baba baratumize bunguri x2 

(They would have taken us) 


Elohim Uhimbazwe kuko utadutanze mu maboko y'ubugingo bwacu 

(Elohim, Be Praised for not giving us into the hands of our souls.) 

Udukura mu kigoyi cyuwo mugoyi washakaga kuturimbura 

(You Free us from the yoke of Devil that wanted to destroy us) 


Sinzapfa nzarama (x2) 

(I will not die will live) 

Kugira ngo mbwire abantu  

(To tell people the) 

Imirimo ikomeye Imana yankoreye  

(Great work God has done for me) 


Abigihe cyanone  

(Those of the present) 

Nabigihe cyizaza  

(And those of the future) 

Bamenye Yuko Uwiteka Ari ubukiriro bwanjye 

(Know that the Lord is my refuge) 

Imana itanga ibitambo kugira ngo idukize 

(God offers sacrifices to save us) 

Uwiteka atanga ingabo zigapfa kubwacu x3 

(The Lord provides the armies to die for us) 


Yadukuye mu nzu yuburetwa kwa Farawo 

(He brought us out of Pharaoh's house of slavery) 

Yakoreye ibimenyetso bikomeye mu maso hacu 

(He did great signs before us) 


Yaturokoye urupfu rukomeye 

(He saved us from a great death) 

Iracyakomeje kuturokora 

(He still does not save us)

I cried when I reached far
In the middle of death and life 
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