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           www.wakristo.com  is a forum for listening, sharing video and downloading songs with the aim of conveying the word of God through various gospel tracks and promoting new singers so that they can convey God's message to all people through their songs.
            www.wakristo.com  invites all Gospel singers to be able to publish them through this network. They have also decided to do this by announcing the word of God through the Internet for the purpose of reaching more people and recognizing the presence of our heavenly Father. " BIBLE SAYS"                                                  (Sing to the LORD a new song,
                                                                    Sing unto the LORD all the earth.
                                                                    Sing to the Lord for his name,
                                                                    Announce his salvation day by day.
                                                                              PSALM 96; 1-2)
           www.wakristo.com  Would you like to get your advice or sincere feedback to help further convey the Word of God In one way or another, You can also send your tracks or information to be visible to this web site.
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