AUDIO | Alice Kimanzi -Hallelujah | Download Gospel Song

Alice Kimanzi -Hallelujah

AUDIO | Alice Kimanzi -Hallelujah | Download Gospel Song

I do not want to bore my powerful stakeholders I want to bring them good thing every day, support and advice are a good thing from you.Today's a special song for you of GOSPEL AUDIO

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Oh Roho, Roho wa Mungu (Oh Holy Spirit,  Spirit of God)
Yafungue macho yangu (Open my eyes)
Nimtazame Mkombozi (That I may see the Saviour of my life)
Wa maisha yangu, Aliye tukuwza (In the fullness of His glory/0
Niyaone macho Yake (That I may see His eyes)
Yanayoteketea kama moto (That are like blazing fire)
Na tena ni isikie sauti Yake (That I may also hear His voice)
Kama ngurumo ya maji mengi (Like the sound of rushing waters)
Nihisi uzito wa utukufu, Wake Yesu, usio na kipimo 
(That I may feel the immeasurable weight of His glory)
Nataka ninene naye (I want to fellowship with Him)
Milele na milele nikiimba (Forever and ever as I sing)

Halle-lu-jah (x3)
Yesu Wastahili utukufu (Jesus You are deserving of glory)

Milele na Milele (x3) (Forever and ever)
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